Admis Medical Products S.L.U

Admis Medical Products SLU is a new Company founded in 2016 / 2017, dealing with the trade of disposable products for Hygiene , medicine, protection, occupational health and Food safety. Founder Artur Deutgen , works closely with the manufacturer Ampri in Winsen / Luhe ( Germany ) , so there is a Partner and a direct manufacturer who has 20 years of experience. The main aim is to distribute products in the Balearic Islands. For this purpose, Manacor ( the second largest City in Mallorca ) has been selected. It is important to serve the customers fast and uncomplicated, so they have ensured that the delivery of the products takes place daily. The online store offers a variety of Quality products at reasonable Prices that can be ordered coveniently and easily. Immediate processing is guaranteed by an optimal Network.

Best regards

Artur Deutgen